Powerful Automation

Avoid custom racking systems and complicated infrastructure.

Unlock the potential of automation with a warehouse-agnostic, autonomous robotic system, designed to operate seamlessly within your existing facilities, exactly as they are.

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Years in the making meet the future of logistics automation today

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/About the System

Key Differentiators that Matter

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Unleash the throughput of your facility with a powerful, low-capex automation solution.


Automation: Automated

Designed to get up and running quickly, here's how easy it is to get your FreedomPick™️ system working.

Assemble your modular, rapidly set up FreedomPick system.
Let FreedomPick scan and map your facility.
Run FreedomPick's safety and accuracy verification tests.

Then you're ready to go! This simple, flexible process means that FreedomPick can keep running and maximizing your output, even if you extensively change or renovate your warehouse.

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Ready to Find Your Freedom?