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Freedom Pick™ is an advanced Bin-to-Person delivery robotic system. Freedom Pick™ is a robotic system that is specifically crafted for the North American market. Freedom Pick™ is a retrofit system for the Canadian and American warehouses and distribution centers that require ultimate flexibility for robotic automation. Freedom Pick™ is the first robotic system in the world to address dense warehouse box picking with no need for custom racking!

Freedom Pick™ is currently in the prototyping stage and will be pre-order ready in early 2021. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in this journey and adopting this system for your warehouse or distribution centers. 

New Breed of Advanced Robotic for High Density Item-Picking

Highest ROI
State-of-The-Art Robot
Fully Autonomous
Integration Within Hours
Back to school concept. A metal robot an

Scalable Solution for Robotic Order Fulfillment 

We are embedding cutting edge technologies in ​AI, vision, lidar, and depth correlation in a state-of-the-art robot to address high-density storage problems.
Computer vision technology is the art of interpreting/extracting info out of the multi-dimensional imagery data. Typically finding patterns is a daunting task and requires multi-disciplinary knowledge. Machine learning and deep learning are genuinely enablers of the sophisticated pattern recognition process.

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