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Engineering Services and Consultation 

The Rubic offers engineering and consulting services to its customers. Engineering services include a turnkey solution design. Our skillset includes Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Vision, Robotics, and Mechatronics. Our engineers and designers work comfortably in various industries, including automation, supply chain, food industry, agriculture, chemical, automotive, food and beverage, and health industries. Need product development support? The Rubic can provide technical personnel at your site, providing inside engineering and design services as needed.

Engineering Services

Consulting Services

We provide engineering consultation on automation, data capture and analysis, project work, system integration, industrial integration and computers, Finite element analysis, evaluation, and project forecasting.

Engineering Class

Electrical Engineering

We offer electrical engineering services on custom PCB design and electronics, hardware design, Embedded firmware, troubleshooting, low power electronics, industrial PLC and PCs, and wired and wireless communications.

Soldering circuit board

Advanced Vision

We offer advanced vision services with rolling shutter and global shutter cameras, including 3D depth cameras and sensors. Our machine vision solutions can be tailored down to customer needs.

automatic vision sensor camera system in

Product Development

We can drive the entire product development from an idea to prototype to manufacture and supply chain. We offer innovative solutions to your problems. We have tremendous experience in product development. We are adept in advanced technology development. Our product development expertise includes mechanical products, hydraulic and pneumatic products, mechatronics, integrated system, custom products, sensors and actuators, and compact mechanisms.

Machine Sketch

Mechanical Engineering

We provide mechanical engineering services on many levels. We can help form single-part designs to sophisticated mechanical systems and mechanisms. We are very experienced in mechanical simulation, advanced finite element, custom finite element codes, mechanical simulations, numerical and analytical simulations. We have developed custom multibody dynamics simulators to run on Linux compute nodes with extreme parallel supercluster compute power. We are experienced in developing analytical and numerical mechanical simulations with proper contact mechanics.

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Artificial Intelligence

We are experienced in developing artificial intelligence algorithms and utilizing and integrating them into vision and integrated systems. We employ various deep learning techniques for our AI training models.

Big data and artificial intelligence con