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Automation Solutions Tailored to your need!

Off-the-Shelf solutions do not meet your automation criteria? Do you have a specific layout that does not match conventional automation solutions? Do you require a custom-designed automation solution? Do you need a remote-controlled automation mechanism that does not exist outside? We are here to help! Our specialized team will develop an automation solution that solves your problem within your budget! We have expertise in providing creative automation solutions with custom mechanism design,  Custom electronics and control systems, automation software design, and SCADA Systems. 

We engineer Solutions for your needs

We offer versatile solutions for any automation purposes. We think outside the box and can challenge the most complex automation problems. Please have a peek below at our different capabilities. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need custom automation integration solutions. 

Examples of Automation services include Automated assemblies, Vision-guided Assembly, Material Handling, Assembly Process improvement, Pick and place systems, Vision Verification, process automation, Chemical process automation, Testing, and inspection automation, Fixtured and rotary conveyors and systems, automated gauging, PLC programming, Industrial PC, Hydraulic and pneumatic systems, Function testing, and much more.

Our Automation Skillsets

Custom Robotics

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Manager engineer check and control autom

We can provide custom robotic solutions for your automation needs. Such solutions that does not exist within off-the-shelf product offerings.

Vision Systems

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We offer Various vision techniques from 3D vision, Deep learning vision, Vision Inspection, and Object Detection.

Integrated Systems

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Nema 17 Fully Integrated Smart Ballscrew

Our electrical systems are designed to be utmost compact for easy integration and maximum space savings.

Special Mechanisms

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At the Factory: Female Mechanical Engine

Let us design custom mechanisms that suits your needs. We have the capacity to conceptualize, design, prototype, and test custom mechanism solution for your needs.

Indoor Positioning

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We integrate indoor positioning and GPS to other systems in order to make them autonomous! 

Electronic Boards

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Electronic circuit board close up..jpg

We have experience in designing various types of electronics boards for different applications. Our solutions can be battery powered or electric powered.

Motorized Guide

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motor and guides for the laser machine.

We offer versatile solutions utilizing servomotors, stepper motors, custom drivers with guides of different load and ratings in a precisely controlled manner.

Custom Suction

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robotic pneumatic piston sucker unit on

We offer custom suction cups including pneumatic check valves inside the modules as well as articulated compact suction cups that take significant less space while offering all the suction load you need.

Scada Integration

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Antenna of Supervisory Control And Data

Scada? No problems! We integrate our automation solutions with Scada systems, so that you can control your system remotely and safely.

Motorized Belt

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Servo motor and belt.jpg

You need a motion? we can design accurate belt drive with servomotors and precise location and motion control.

Custom Gripper

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gripper of the robot.jpg

We provide custom robotic grippers for your special needs. Our gripper can handle variety of situations and variety of load scenarios and object shapes.

Pneumatic Systems
robotic pneumatic input to robot handle

We offer custom pneumatic systems for small and large motion requirements for various applications. Our pneumatic solution is a great technology for repetitive tasks.

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