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If you want to make use of cloud-based autonomous mobile robots to streamline your business activities, you can contact The Rubic. Our robots make use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve productivity at your workspace. By significantly improving the throughput, our robots reduce the effort to increase efficiency.

Our realtime autonomous warehousing solutions are made available at reasonable prices. You can save significantly in both the short and long run. Your employees can stay on task and work faster with more help from our autonomous robotic system. Our robots can be used for a wide range of functions, including WMS, Box Picking, and Piece-Picking in a dense warehouse and fulfillment centers.

We utilize advanced technologies, including lidars and depth cameras, to navigate robots with optimal precision. You don’t need to provide any new infrastructure in your warehouse. With a clear awareness of the surroundings, the robots move fast with optimal precision.


Frequently asked questions

Should I monitor or follow the robot all the time?

When you seek our expertise to use autonomous mobile robots online, you don’t have to follow them all the time. We offer state-of-the-art solutions that meet your needs perfectly. Our robots travel fast and accurately. As the name suggests, they move autonomously. You can expect smooth and fast movement across all areas of the operation.

How many robots are required to optimize productivity at my fulfillment center?

We can provide help with the robot assessment. The size and layout of your warehouse are two essential aspects. The number of SKUs per hour and the number of employees available at your warehouse throughout various seasons in an important consideration as well. You should also check the type of product you are shipping. Last but not least, the existing workflow should be considered, as well.